• Implement Chromecast on iOS using Swift

    I am going to implement Google’s Chromecast on iOS using Swift.I will be using Google Chromecast 2 device and Xcode 9.4.1. First let’s read the Google Cast documentation to get familiar with it’s implementation. After getting familiar with the Get Started section, we need to register the Google Chromecast device. There will be a one time $5 fee for […]

  • G Suite Happy Ending

    Somehow, I got Google’s attention. A representative of Google (I am not sure if I can mention his name here, but I would love to, let me know) contacted me on LinkedIn and that he would like to help out on my G Suite problem. This is nice, straight from Mountain View. Minutes later, someone […]

  • G Suite Horror Story

    Yesterday my life long Gmail account has been deleted by Google because I integrated it with G Suite by cancelling the subscription. G Suite for business was a mean to upgrade your personal email so that all your inbox will be unified. But the more email gets into the inbox, the more cluttered it seems. […]

  • Implementing the expandable cell in iOS UITableView

    I’m going to implement below on how to create the expandable UITableView cell for example on iOS stock calendar. From scratch, create a new project on Xcode. In your main.storyboard remove the default ViewController (delete also the extra unused ViewController.swift file in the project explorer) and drag a new TableViewController. Now that we have our TableViewController set on […]

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