OnlineJobs for iOS (v4.5.2) Bug

Last week, it was one of those times where you know something went wrong when suddenly you get multiple Slack notifications. I received a Slack notification for every minute, I had to mute the channel. When I open the Bugsnag dashboard, I could see it was affecting hundreds of users. As of this moment, 154Continue reading “OnlineJobs for iOS (v4.5.2) Bug”

Dynamic TableViewCell Height

I’m going to demonstrate on how I achieved the dynamic height for my UITableViewCell. Below is what it looks like. This is a UITableViewCell for comments. ImageView on the left side is for the user’s avatar, the top most UILabel is for the username and lastly at the bottom is the UILabel for comment. YesContinue reading “Dynamic TableViewCell Height”

Nobody designs for small iPhone devices anymore

Nobody designs for small iPhone devices anymore. Why do I say this? Well, if you’ve been rocking the iPhone SE 2020 you would know. What I’m saying is there a lot of UI glitches from apps running on iPhone SE. Clubhouse Forgot to measure the screen’s width? Spotify I can’t see the Refresh button. IContinue reading “Nobody designs for small iPhone devices anymore”