Government and its Test Pages

Philippine government sites are filled with “Test Pages”. Not sure if this is just pure incompetence. Or a honeypot. Or lack of budget. Yes, this department should know better considering IT is its main function. How about test page and sign in page combined. Nice. How about a broken CSS currently live. Another one. (DJContinue reading “Government and its Test Pages”

Create a camera shutter in Swift

I’m going to show how I achieved the camera shutter button and animation using Swift, more or less the same with the stock iOS camera app. Grab a coffee because this one’s going to be a little longer. Storyboard UI On your ViewController, drag a UIButton and place it at the bottom part. On theContinue reading “Create a camera shutter in Swift”

Create a custom camera using Swift

If you are looking to create your own camera on iOS, I will demonstrate how I did it on my end. CameraPreviewView First of all you need to subclass UIView and inherit its properties. We will use this Swift file for our camera preview. AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer is a subclass of CALayer that you use to display video as it’sContinue reading “Create a custom camera using Swift”

2020 Was a Mixed Year

Mixed year because as good as the metrics are compared to last year, it saddens me that a huge number of people are laid off and companies closed because of Covid-19. Hopefully 2021 will be different. Here’s a sneak peek of the app metrics during lockdown. In terms of number of installations, active devicesContinue reading “2020 Was a Mixed Year”