Create a camera shutter in Swift

I’m going to show how I achieved the camera shutter button and animation using Swift, more or less the same with the stock iOS camera app. Grab a coffee because this one’s going to be a little longer. Storyboard UI On your ViewController, drag a UIButton and place it at the bottom part. On theContinue reading “Create a camera shutter in Swift”

2020 Was a Mixed Year

Mixed year because as good as the metrics are compared to last year, it saddens me that a huge number of people are laid off and companies closed because of Covid-19. Hopefully 2021 will be different. Here’s a sneak peek of the app metrics during lockdown. In terms of number of installations, active devicesContinue reading “2020 Was a Mixed Year”

Mobile App Dev 101: Technical Error Prompts are a no-no

Technical error prompts are a no-no. But not that important to submit a quick fix to your pipeline. But nonetheless, the reason is that for everyday users it feels like something is deeply broken with your app or worse, they feel like they are the ones who broke or crash it. More importantly they won’tContinue reading “Mobile App Dev 101: Technical Error Prompts are a no-no”