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  • Create a camera shutter in Swift

    I’m going to show how I achieved the camera shutter button and animation using Swift, more or less the same with the stock iOS camera app. Grab a coffee because this one’s going to be a little longer. Storyboard UI On your ViewController, drag a UIButton and place it at the bottom part. On the […]

  • Create a custom camera preview using Swift

    If you are looking to create your own camera on iOS, I will demonstrate how I did it on my end. CameraPreviewView First of all you need to subclass UIView and inherit its properties. We will use this Swift file for our camera preview. AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer is a subclass of CALayer that you use to display video as it’s […]

  • Implement Chromecast on iOS using Swift

    I am going to implement Google’s Chromecast on iOS using Swift.I will be using Google Chromecast 2 device and Xcode 9.4.1. First let’s read the Google Cast documentation to get familiar with it’s implementation. After getting familiar with the Get Started section, we need to register the Google Chromecast device. There will be a one time $5 fee for […]

  • Implementing the expandable cell in iOS UITableView

    I’m going to implement below on how to create the expandable UITableView cell for example on iOS stock calendar. From scratch, create a new project on Xcode. In your main.storyboard remove the default ViewController (delete also the extra unused ViewController.swift file in the project explorer) and drag a new TableViewController. Now that we have our TableViewController set on […]

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